Rejuvenate Your Oral Health with Restorative Dentistry

Tooth-colored Fillings

We believe that the best fillings are undetectable to people who see you smile. If you need a filling, Dr. Devren Anderson will meticulously match composite resin with your existing tooth color. Resin fillings blend seamlessly with the coloring of any tooth, so you can smile with confidence.

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Dental Crowns

Dental crowns have numerous applications. By fully encapsulating a tooth down to the gum line, crowns can restore strength to a damaged tooth and also improve its appearance. We custom-fit crowns so that they feel natural and are indistinguishable from your surrounding teeth. Thanks to his surgical background, Dr. Anderson will ensure your crown is precisely placed to match your natural bite. 

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Dental Bridges

If a tooth is missing or must be extracted, Dr. Anderson may suggest a bridge. A dental bridge can improve your smile and oral health by replacing one or more teeth in a row. A traditional bridge is attached to crowns on the two natural teeth on either side of the space left by a missing tooth. A pontic (false tooth) suspended between the crowns fills in the gap. We also offer cantilever and resin-bonded bridges.

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Dental Implants

After tooth loss, a dental implant provides a solid foundation for a permanent replacement tooth. Dr. Anderson can perform implant surgery for a single implant or implant-retained dentures. After the implant post has fused with the jaw, he can provide you with a customized restoration. When prerequisite bone grafting is required, Dr. Anderson can also perform the preparatory procedure in our office.

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One of the most common restorative procedures, and also one of the most successful, a set of well-made dentures can make a tremendous difference in your life. After the gums have completely healed following any extractions, Dr. Anderson can fit you with a complete set of natural-looking traditional dentures that generally require little future adjustment. For superior stability, implant-supported dentures may be an option for a patient who has no natural teeth, but enough bone mass to support artificial teeth.

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Root Canal Therapy

When a tooth is infected, Dr. Anderson often recommends root canal therapy. He uses cone beam technology to examine the affected tooth’s root, then removes all infected tissue from within the canal. Next, he fills the root canal with a rubbery substance and seals the tooth with a crown. Modern root canal treatment is more comfortable than ever, and some of our patients even fall asleep during their procedure.

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Full Mouth Reconstruction

Combining function and aesthetics, Dr. Anderson is fully qualified to perform comprehensive full mouth reconstruction. We can address a range of issues, from missing and worn teeth to advanced gum disease. An individually tailored treatment plan can help you achieve a fully functioning smile that improves your quality of life and self-confidence.

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